Our Process

Correlation Technologies offers our clients a special level of service that extends far beyond the development of a product. Our preference is to be involved with your projects as early as possible, serving our role as advisors and mobile experts to help guide a project/product plan and roadmap that includes "Mobile" as a key focus to its greatest potential. We offer these consulting roles which we define as Strategy & Design.


It all begins with simultaneously honing in on your industry and your company. Who are your clients? Who is the end user of your mobile application and according to your vision, how does the mobile application integrate itself into the daily lives of your end users? How does the mobile application integrate with your clients' products? And how does it integrate with your already existing enterprise product (if any?). How do you anticipate the flow of information between your server-side infrastructure and your mobile application? We want to understand everything there is to know about your vision, your space, your competition and your MOBILE Goals. Once we have this information, we do our own analysis of the space and make recommendations not just on the design (user interface and experience) of the application but also the most effective technologies to use on the Mobile devices, which platforms to target, how best to integrate and synch with any enterprise products involved.the right questions.

Strategy work is performed by one of our Engagement Managers in tandem with a Sr. Designer and Sr. Technologist. The process begins with a Discovery session that can be held over the phone, via Skype or in Person at our Research and Development Lab. These sessions are a dynamic and engaging experience designed to capture as much insight and scope as possible at the beginning of the project. The discovery will yield a set of key findings and parameters that will form the backbone of any proposal or related quotes for our Reasearch and Development work.


At Correlation Technologies we pride ourselves on our keen attention to Design and User Experience. The concept of "the mobile user doesn't have time" is part of our DNA - this drives every decision around how the mobile application shapes up: the technology decisions on reducing the time to synch complex data with the server, design decisions on reducing the number of "swipes" and screens to navigate to get a job done, and experience decisions to make the mobile application extremely pleasant to work with.


Extreme competence and technical prowess in Architecture is what we at Correlation Technologies regard as our key competitive advantage relative to other folks in the mobile application development space. Our team is "top-heavy", and we are heavily loaded with senior technical and solutions architects with over 100 years of technical architecture experience combined. Depending on the nature of the engagement with our client, we either deliver the Architectural flows, diagrams and definition prior to the start of the R&D Engagement (as part of our consultative offering) or we include it in our R&D Project. Regardless of how we engage with our Client, we ensure that our Architectural Recommendations are reviewed by all parties both at Correlation Technologies as well as at our clients' offices in a manner that we don't forget or miss any key integration challenges that may be faced during enterprise product integration. Once everyone has agreed upon the Architectural Documentation, we proceed to the next phase of our Process.

Art Direction

The initial Design of how an App looks and feels to use is considered the Art Direction phase. Here, Correlation Design Lab develops sample screens that capture the overall style and character of the project. Within a few rounds of concepts and reviews, our team and client can reach a consensus on the overall look of the App based on the sample screens which have been fully designed. The design phase again is either provided as part of our complete R&D Offering or as our consultative engagement with the Client, depending on the preferred mode of operation.


Based on the Art Direction, a complete set of User Interface (U/I) assets are created. With this set of designs, all screens and components for the app will be defined and all master art completed. At the end of the U/I Design phase, a full library of screens is provided for client approval. We have often engaged with clients where the entire Art Direction is done by the client. We are generally happy to work in either manner (with us doing the Art Direction or with our Clients driving it) - we just ensure that if our clients own the Art Direction phase, that we review it to confirm that nothing in the provided "Art" conflicts with the proposed Architecture of the product. We candidly express our concerns via a document should there be any reason for worry on this front.

Final Documentation / Proposal

Based on the above diverse phases of development, we then either provide a final set of documentation that covers a merged version of all of the above sub-components or we provide a proposal for the actual R&D Phase of the mobile application development.